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male fertility tea
male fertility tea
male fertility tea
male fertility tea
male fertility tea
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male fertility tea
male fertility tea
male fertility tea
male fertility tea
male fertility tea
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male fertility tea

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Why choose male fertility tea?

Male fertility tea is a herbal shampoo and shower gel with epimedium extract as the main ingredient. In addition to epimedium, this male fertility tea also contains other active ingredients such as oyster shell extract and ginseng extract. It is designed to address the specific needs and health concerns of men.

This male fertility tea has multiple functions. Epimedium has the effect of warming the kidneys and strengthening yang, helping to enhance male sexual function and libido. It also has the effect of tonifying the spleen and lungs, helping to relieve stress and anxiety, improve concentration and thinking skills, and promote the health of the body's energy and immune system.
Therefore, male fertility tea not only removes odor and purifies the body, but also helps men enhance sexual function and improve overall health and immunity.


male fertility tea:Clinically helpful for male sexual function!

Epimedium brevicornum, commonly known as horny goat weed, was found to be beneficial for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) by the Male Reproductive Research Institute in 2012. This is primarily due to the presence of active compounds, such as icariin, in horny goat weed, which can promote the release of nitric oxide (NO) in the corpus cavernosum of the penis. Nitric oxide plays a crucial role in relaxing smooth muscles and increasing blood flow, thereby improving erectile function.

Furthermore, animal experiments have provided useful evidence for the potential therapeutic efficacy of horny goat weed in treating ED. A study conducted on rats with induced ED showed that treatment with Epimedium brevicornum extract improved erectile response and increased the levels of NO in the corpus cavernosum.

Here are some of our happy customers:

I purchased this male fertility tea online and it is absolutely amazing! Its concentration is very high, so it only takes three to four weeks for the body to experience substantial improvements. Increase sexual performance

What’s even more incredible is that after about two or three weeks of using it, I noticed some miraculous changes. My physical strength and vitality have increased, and my wife has become more gentle and considerate, like a little woman. I am very happy with this shower gel and highly recommend all men to try it---- Boris, 28, California, USA


I am using this male fertility tea. It is rich in ingredients and tastes sweet. I feel very comfortable after drinking it. My body feels very refreshed and my whole body feels warm. Best of all, after a few weeks of use, it really improved my sexual function and gave me more energy and stamina. Exceeded my expectations, I will continue to use it and have already recommended it to my friends----Kent, 36, Texas, USA



The effects of male fertility tea

The main functions are to purify the body, enhance male sexual function, and improve overall health and immune system. One of the main ingredients, "Yin Yang Fire (Epimedium)," has warming properties that help enhance male sexual function and libido.

  • Purify the body: Herbal tea effectively removes impurities from the body and makes the body relaxed and energetic. It also helps eliminate inflammation and maintain body metabolism.

  • ENHANCES SEXUAL FUNCTION: Epimedium, the main ingredient of this body wash, has aphrodisiac properties and thus can help improve sexual function and libido in men. It supports kidney function and strengthens yang energy, which is linked to men's sexual health and vitality.

  • BOOKS OVERALL HEALTH AND IMMUNITY: Male fertility tea also contains other herbal extracts, such as oyster shell and ginseng, which are believed to nourish the body, increase energy levels and support the immune system. These ingredients help promote overall health and well-being, reducing stress and anxiety while enhancing cognitive function and mental clarity.


How does male fertility tea improve your sexual function?

This tea is effective because its main ingredient, epimedium extract, contains active compounds that enhance male sexual function.
It stimulates blood flow and increases nitric oxide production, which will help relax and dilate blood vessels in the genital area. Improved blood circulation helps improve erectile function and libido.


Potent Ingredients: Unlocking Remarkable Results!

  • Epimedium Extract: Enhances male sexual function and libido, promotes blood circulation.

  • Oyster Shell Extract: Nourishes the kidneys, enhances performance and vitality.



  • Ginseng Extract: Increases energy, improves immune system health.



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